Increase Health Consumer Engagement Through Conversations

mPulse Mobile’s solutions use a powerful combination of Conversational AI and behavioral data science to improve health outcomes and business efficiencies. We create new opportunities for healthcare organizations to conduct tailored conversations at scale with patients and members about important areas of their health. These conversations build stronger relationships and help meet strategic goals of healthcare organizations.

Don’t see a solution for your engagement challenge?

mPulse Mobile’s Conversational AI communication platform can be configured to address a broad range of health engagement needs. Over the last decade we’ve launched more than a thousand different health consumer engagement use cases. Using our unique capabilities to understand each population and our behavioral data science expertise to design impactful solutions, we are confident we can drive engagement and health behavior change in your populations. Contact us to schedule a consultation about your specific challenge.

Start Conversations.
Build Relationships.
Drive Outcomes.

It all starts with conversation. Our omnichannel solutions empower you to have conversations with your consumers through their preferred channel and with relevant content. Our behavioral data science team and Conversational AI platform give you the smarts and automation to intelligently tailor your conversations to build stronger, tighter relationships with all your members. Relationships are the key to activation and behavior change that drives positive outcomes.

It’s all about relationships.
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