Continuum Consulting for Healthcare

Our Process

We take a continuum approach and have developed a proven framework to collaborate at all points of a project lifecycle.  Our goal is to fully understand your consumers needs and your business objectives to co-create solutions that add value and advance your mobile strategy.

  • Concept Testing

    Test the viability of an idea with pilots or focus groups to learn before launch.

  • Project Planning

    Develop the framework for all project steps to ensure delivery.

  • Business Model Development

    Analyze current and future state of business processes and establish success criteria.

  • Environmental Assessment

    Understand consumer experience factors to design for their needs.

  • Requirements Gathering

    Gather and organize stakeholder requirements leading to prioritized story boards.

  • Describe

    Detail the system requirements and message storyboards

  • Build

    Coordinate system development and solution implementation.

  • Test

    Verify interaction between systems, stakeholders and products.

  • Deploy

    Document, train and integrate into business processes.

  • Change Management

    Control and track changes through the product life cycle.

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Who We Partner With

See how we work with different types of healthcare organizations.

Solutions for health plans and payers
Solutions for hospitals, clinics and physicians
Solutions for pharmacies
Population Health
Population Health
Solutions for health and wellness companies
Public & Private Exchanges
Public & Private Exchanges
Solutions for healthcare exchanges


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