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Activate Your Population with Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Our solutions are built on our enterprise-grade conversational activation platform. It powers large-scale outreach and omnichannel message delivery, supports two-way interaction, and automates content tailoring to individuals. Our technology, developed with over a decade of engaging large healthcare populations, is trusted to handle important conversations with millions of consumers for healthcare’s leading organizations every day. And our team is committed to bringing innovative new ways to improve outcomes through conversations to healthcare.

Activate Your Population with Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Our approach to Conversational AI combines our omnichannel messaging capabilities, a robust Natural Language Understanding engine, and our content recommendation engine powered by machine learning. The combination of capabilities results in the leading Conversational AI platform for healthcare.

  • Go beyond bots and start actionable conversations – Our approach is centered on proactively starting conversations targeted to specific individuals, supported by AI, with language processing focused on healthcare and the specific solution. The result is a deeper conversation on the topics that matter to your consumers.
  • Optimize solutions with machine learning – We leverage machine learning and a focus on measuring engagement and behavior change to continually refine our Conversational AI technologies, increasing the effectiveness of the solution as your population engages.

Activation Intelligence

mPulse Mobile’s patented content analysis and recommendation engine sits at the top of our platform to determine the best message to send to each individual in a population.

  • Leverage data to guide conversations – Each member’s Activation Profile uses a range of client, public, and proprietary data sources to create a quantifiable picture of their likelihood to engage and take action. As members respond, their profile updates dynamically, making the engine more accurate over time.
  • Orchestrate tailored conversations – By comparing the member’s profile with prioritization specific to the solution, the solution matches each person to the message content most likely to spark behavior change.

Engage Through Interactive Dialogue

Natural Language Understanding

Mobile channels like text messaging are inherently conversational. Consumers expect to be able to interact. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is vital for large-scale solutions where consumers may offer unexpected or plain language responses.

  • Process unstructured responses – NLU uses solution- and population-specific language domains to read and categorize inbound messages automatically.
  • Keep the conversation going – Once inbound messages are categorized, our health activation solutions can leverage Conversational AI or Activation Intelligence to send the best response.

Engagement Console

mPulse Mobile’s Engagement Console enables real-time 1:1 interaction with healthcare consumers by equipping client staff with a secure, scalable cloud-based console for sending and receiving text messages. This console is available as part of a broader solution, or as a standalone engagement tool.

  • Connect your population to your team – Staff can initiate conversations manually as well as take over automated dialogues that require more attention.
  • Manage mobile engagement at scale – Enterprise-grade administration tools, reporting, and configurable permissions bring text into support centers responsibly.

Communicate Reliably on a Scalable Platform

Enterprise-Grade Mobile Engagement

The core of our platform is an omnichannel messaging engine built to dependably handle large-scale outreach for healthcare organizations.

  • Robust language support – We support all international alphabets through the UCS-2 messaging template and can support SMS messages with up to 450-characters, accommodating higher character counts in some alphabets.
  • Individual-Level Preference Management – We store individual population members’ channel preferences and automatically handle opt-out compliance.
  • Engagement Across Channels – Our Omnichannel Capabilities enable you to integrate conversations across platforms.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security – mPulse Mobile is HITRUST-Certified and is compliant for HIPAA 45 CFR Parts 1260, 162, and 164 in conjunction with NIST 800-54. Learn more about our commitment to Security & Compliance.

Outreach Program Management

Our account teams work closely with you on solution design and optimization, but we also empower you to manage and build your own secure, scalable solutions.

  • Optional API Integrations – Secure, robust XML and JSON-based REST API allows you to add and remove population members, trigger outreach programs, change member preferences, update data, and get real-time updates on member responses.
  • Program Manager – Our platform’s core functions—including building and sending outbound messages—are available for direct client management via our browser-based UI.

Data Products

The mPulse Mobile Conversational AI platform is supported by a robust suite of data products that our customers leverage to optimize their solutions, gain key insights, boost outcomes, and improve consumer experiences.

Behavioral Data Science

Our in-house team focused on activating your population – mPulse Mobile’s Behavioral Data Science team works with you to design solutions, develop content, and optimize each using best practices, data analysis, and predictive models aimed at producing effective behavior change. We use data to uncover valuable insights to assess the state-of-change, self-efficacy, and health beliefs of individuals in your population. These inputs further tailor your content to drive specific behavior-based outcomes.

Social Determinants of Health Index

Use data to provide a more tailored, relevant, and empathetic experience for diverse populations – Our proprietary SDOH index leverages industry data sets and conversational insights to generate a dynamic score for each member, representing the estimated impact of SDOH factors on the solution’s desired outcome. We work with you to leverage SDOH Index data to predict outcomes from programs that engage large diverse population, optimizing your health activation solution to help overcome disparities.

Conversation Science™

Data-driven insights about your conversations – We leverage proprietary sentiment and intent analyzers, predictive modeling, and best practices from over 250 million annual conversations to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of our conversational solutions. We study engagement and opt-out rates, conversational turns, unanticipated responses, and other key metrics to generate actionable insights.

Solution Dashboards

Get actionable insights about your mPulse Mobile solutions –  Straightforward dashboards surface core messaging and engagement information in addition to solution-specific information (e.g. medication refills requested, link click-throughs, barriers identified).

Data Streaming

API integrations get our data into your hands – API integration allows you to retrieve information about members and messages sent to or received from them, either through requests or real-time callbacks.

Mobile Phone Assessment

Understand the reach of mobile solutions for your population – mPulse Mobile can scan your phone number database to determine which numbers are for cellphones vs. landlines, helping you measure possible reach rates prior to launching a solution.

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It all starts with conversation. Our omnichannel solutions empower you to have conversations with your consumers through their preferred channel and with relevant content. Our behavioral data science team and Conversational AI platform give you the smarts and automation to intelligently tailor your conversations to build stronger, tighter relationships with all your members. Relationships are the key to activation and behavior change that drives positive outcomes. It’s all about relationships.

It’s all about relationships.
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