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Communicate • Engage • Activate

mPulse Mobile revolutionizes how healthcare organizations engage with their consumer populations. Using Conversational AI through machine learning, mPulse Mobile transforms messaging touchpoints from one-size-fits-all push alerts to tailored interactive dialogues that are unique to each consumer within the healthcare population. mPulse Mobile’s technology is organized across three capability layers; Communicate, Engage and Activate. Each layer delivers a core technology capability for enterprise-grade mobile engagement solutions.

communicate, engage, activate

Communicate: Reliable and Secure Message Delivery

The Communicate layer establishes the highest levels of messaging performance, governance and data management that are required by enterprise healthcare organizations. mPulse Mobile’s Communication Platform supports over 50 leading healthcare organizations and delivery of over 100 million messages annually.


HITRUST® certification for HIPAA compliant management of PHI and other sensitive data


Coordinated message delivery with token-based personalization through SMS, rich business messaging (RBM), secure message, email, IVR and push notifications

Preference Management

Automated channel preference handling and campaign opt-in compliance

Configurable Triggers

Messages are triggered by a broad array of standard triggers, event-specific triggers and API-based event triggers

Engage: Interactive, Real-time Automated Mobile Dialogue

The Engage layer transforms the consumer touchpoint from one-way push messaging to dialogues for a more engaging experience. mPulse Mobile’s Engagement Engine automates rules-based dialogues based on the consumers’ message responses and external data inputs.

Automated Dialogues

Automated, real-time, consumer-led message dialogues incorporating token-based personalization

Natural Response Handling

Real-time interpretation of consumer text responses enables more sophisticated dialogues and solution-specific conversational agent capabilities

Sentiment Analyzers

Automated assessment of consumer responses in terms of positive or negative sentiment

Engagement Console

User interface for 1:1 conversations and manual support of automated dialogues if required

Activate: Tailored Content Drives Behavior Change

The Activate layer uses Conversation Science™ to deliver automated, dynamically tailored conversations that activate individuals in their health. mPulse Mobile’s Activation Intelligence technology utilizes a wide variety of data, including demographic, psychographic and patient-generated data, to dynamically profile and deliver individualized mobile dialogues to the right person at the right time to drive healthy behavior change.

Consumer Activation Profiles

Consumer Activation Profiles are generated from demographic, psychographic and behavioral data inputs

Machine Learning

Understanding how consumers engage with dialogue content and the impact this has on program outcomes

Automated Content Recommendation

Dialogues are matched to Consumer Activation Profiles to drive optimal program outcomes

Behavioral Science

Use of behavioral science principals improve the effectiveness at producing behavior change

Technology Architecture and Integration

mPulse Mobile’s technology architecture integrates the 3 technology layers: Communicate Engage and Activate. The integrated structure allows mobile engagement solutions to leverage different technology components based on use-case requirements. Similarly, the technology structure supports varied customer input data dependent on requirements.

More than just the delivery channel, the mPulse Mobile platform API is a smart front-end to the capabilities that automate mobile healthcare engagement.  mPulse Mobile’s platform is built to integrate with APIs to help you easily manage your member profiles, automate campaigns, and create seamless integrations to EMR, CRM and other enterprise systems.

Two-Way Integrations

The mPulse Mobile platform enables two-way integrations for both sending outbound messages and receiving mobile-originated messages in real-time

Easily Automate Member Management and Events

Drive efficiency and scale by building integrations that leverage and enhance how you communicate and engage with your members

Secure, Scalable and Standards-Based

Using mPulse Mobile’s XML and JSON-based REST API, you can build solutions that are secure, scalable and robust.  Our API’s have two-levels of authorization and use only HTTPS for inbound requests

Documentation and Expert Guidance

With documentation, code-examples and personalized guidance, the mPulse Mobile team is here to ensure that your project is successful