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A Conversational Healthcare Communication Platform Strengthens Consumer Engagement

Give your program the power of mobile conversations.

Digital health and scalable population-level solutions have never been more important to healthcare. Consumers are more open to digital care delivery, while payers and providers are increasingly looking to impact their patients and members between in-person care encounters.

The market has shifted, but traditional challenges facing population health organizations remain: How can we drive more people to engage with our program? How do we keep members engaged? How do we scale important human staff as demand increases?

Top national healthcare organizations partner with mPulse Mobile because we’re the leader in mobile consumer activation. The automated conversation solutions that comprise our AI-driven healthcare communication platform address those very questions. Our platform allows you to reach consumers where they are—using their cell phones—to drive adoption and engagement at scale. The result is greater business efficiency and a stand-out participant experience.


Results-driven consumer engagement solutions for population health organizations.

Program Adoption


reduction in program disenrollment

Program Engagement


automated conversation response rate

Program Support


link click-through rate

Coaching and Care Management


care manager activity increase


Program Adoption

Driving awareness and adoption is a major challenge for many programs, especially those offered through health plans or employers.

  • High mobile adoption and automation helps you increase awareness and improve participant experience
  • Large scale campaign-based text messaging with trackable links and omnichannel support leverages the full power of the mobile channel
  • Interactive programs enable you to guide participants through complex or multi-step onboarding processes, such as self-referrals

Outcome: 79% of new digital behavioral health self-referrals for a Medicaid program came from mPulse Mobile vs. all other channels combined

Program Engagement

Program completion and continued engagement are crucial. But how do you proactively engage participants, especially if they are not active on an app or portal?

  • Automated outreach keeps participants on track and engaged to ensure they improve outcomes
  • Messaging outreach is proactive and leverages high adoption and read rates of mobile channels
  • Barrier identification uncovers fears and obstacles and connects patients via configurable responses to appropriate resources

Outcome:  Automated conversations drew a 51% response rate from current behavioral health program participants

Health Coaching

Scale the empathy, experience, and training of coaches, care managers, or patient navigators through intelligent automation. Our smart healthcare communication platform allows them to focus on making an impact.

  • The mPulse Mobile Engagement Console allows staff to securely add text messaging to their toolbelts—giving them the option to start new SMS conversations with participants or take over for ones that began automated
  • Automated, personalized check-ins can allow staff to focus on having quality conversations, instead of waiting to reach participants

Outcome: 50% increase in care manager capacity after adopting the Engagement Console vs phone-only outreach

Core Capabilities

Conversations at Scale

Connect with participants via interactive messaging delivered by an enterprise-grade platform that powers millions of conversations per month.  

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) keeps automated text message conversations going, even when patients respond in their own words.
  • Configurable program triggers via API integration mean staff can use the Engagement Console to launch outreach on an ad hoc basis or scheduled in advance.

Omnichannel Outreach

Meet participants where they are through an enterprise-grade mobile healthcare communication platform.

  • mPulse Mobile supports high-reach SMS text messaging, as well as email and IVR calls to meet patient preferences. Sensitive or personal information can be passed through our secure mobile web channel via messaging, surveys, or configurable content.
Learn more about our Omnichannel Capabilities

Scale Human-to-Human Conversations

Our Engagement Console gives staff the power to launch automated text message dialogues, start ad hoc conversations, or take over previously automated interactions requiring their expertise.

  • Use configurable groups to manage your text messaging population to match your existing operations.
  • Empower staff with triage functionality that stages automated conversations requiring their involvement.

Population Insights

Conversations create data. We surface insights from patient interactions and make this intelligence actionable for you.

  • Leverage Conversation ScienceTM capabilities to measure sentiment and intent of patient responses at scale.
  • Use solution dashboards or API-based data streaming for powerful views of your population engagement metrics, SDOH Index analysis, and solution outcomes.

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