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Pharmacy operations are focusing on value-based outcomes. This requires effective engagement strategies to help patients get the most benefit from their medications. As the landscape shifts to specialty therapeutics, more touchpoints are required to get patients onto therapy and ensure they have a positive experience over time. This presents a challenge for traditional outreach approaches: one-way touchpoints are inadequate and telephonic staff outreach is inefficient and costly to scale.

mPulse Mobile’s Conversational AI solutions are designed to help increase pharmacy patient engagement and improve the overall experience. Through our partnerships with leading pharmacies and PBMs, we’ve demonstrated that a blend of omnichannel engagement and focused conversational touchpoints build stronger relationships with patients.

By taking a conversational approach to engagement, patients become better informed about their medications and pharmacy organizations can gather patient-reported data and insights more efficiently. Together, this leads to improved therapy management and a better patient experience.


Results driven patient engagement solutions for pharmacy organizations.

Medication Adherence


increase in refill rates in a previously non-adherent population

Shipping Notifications


click rates asking for more information

Call Center Optimization


improvement in staff efficiency

Therapy Plan Support


increase in touchpoints with automated conversational texting



satisfaction with reorder engagement programs frequently exceed 90%


Medication Refill

Automated conversations check-in with patients when it is time to refill and allow patients to complete required confirmation steps:

  • Medication to be refilled and medication on hand
  • Time and date for delivery
  • Address confirmation
  • Barrier identification dialogues identify issues and help address challenges that prevent patients from refilling

Prior Authorization Process

Support patients as they navigate the prior authorization process with process updates and reminders when actions need to be completed.

  • Drive adoption of portals
  • Notify members with status changes
  • Efficiently gather required patient information

Shipping Notifications

Up to 70% of inbound calls can be relating to delivery updates. Provide an improved experience with automated updates on shipping status and delivery windows

  • Request preferred delivery date confirmations
  • Embed tracking notification links in texts
  • Ask for patients to confirm they will be able to receive the package

Copay Assistance Program Engagement

Use mobile channels to ensure patients are aware of and have easy access to appropriate co-pay programs.

  • Use dialogues to understand if cost is a barrier to medication adherence
  • Deliver co-pay cards directly through mobile channels
  • Drive patients to portals for financial assistance programs

Care Plan Support

Conversational touchpoints provide crucial support for therapies with challenging care plans.

  • Anticipate key times for check-ins and provide tailored support
  • Provide real-time instructions for medication handling
  • Ensure key actions are taken such as lab tests and nurse consults
  • Gather valuable insights about how the patient is doing through sentiment assessment and intent analysis

Call Center Optimization

Ease the reliance on staff phone outreach and deliver high touch support through automated conversations and 1:1 mobile messaging support.

  • Transition interactions to mobile messaging- the consumer preferred channel
  • Drive up inbound to outbound call ratios, and enable modality flexing when call volumes are high
  • Empower agent to initiate 1:1 text check-ins

Core Capabilities

Conversations at Scale

Connect with patients between in-person encounters with real conversations, delivered efficiently across populations.

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) keeps automated text message conversations going, even when patients respond in their own words.
  • Engagement Console enables staff to start 1:1 conversations and take control of automated ones that require their expertise via a HIPAA-compliant browser-based console.

Omnichannel Outreach

Meet patients where they are through an enterprise-grade mobile communication platform.

  • mPulse Mobile supports high reach SMS text messaging, as well as email and IVR calls to meet patient preferences. Sensitive or personal information can be passed through our secure mobile web channel via messaging, surveys, or configurable content.
  • See more: Our Omnichannel Capabilities (link to omnichannel)

Multi-Topic Orchestration

Automated outreach requires automated coordination to make sure that each patient receives the right message at the right time.

  • Activation Intelligence uses proprietary technology to match individual patients to messaging content that best fits their needs, preventing over-messaging and prioritizing outreach based on configurable rules.
  • Configurable program triggers mean outreach can be launched via API integration, on an ad hoc basis, from staff using the Engagement Console, or scheduled in advance.

Population Insights

Conversations create data. We surface insights from patient interactions and make it actionable for you.

  • Leverage Conversation ScienceTM capabilities measure sentiment and intent of patient responses at scale.
  • Use solution dashboards for powerful views of your population engagement metrics, SDOH Index analysis, and solution outcomes.

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