A Conversational Member Engagement Strategy Improves Health Outcomes

Behind every outcome there’s a person. We help you get you closer to your members.

Imagine you could understand the key health needs of all your members and have a conversation with specific individuals when necessary. Your conversations would be smarter. Guided by previous interactions with each member, you would be supportive and relevant but also able to focus your member engagement strategy on driving the best possible health outcomes.

Building stronger relationships with members is what we do for the nation’s leading Medicaid plans. We leverage our Conversational AI and behavior data science to create meaningful relationships and activate behavior change for tens of millions of Medicaid members.

Solutions for Medicaid

Activation and behavior changes drive outcomes. Conversational AI solutions from mPulse Mobile address Medicaid’s most pressing health engagement challenges. It’s the right way of thinking about engagement.


Increase in renewal rates

Redetermination »

Increase in colorectal cancer screening completion

Preventive Care & Screenings »

Increase in Well Child Visit completion rates

Early and Periodic Screening Diagnostic & Treatment »

Reduction in avoidable ED visits

Emergency Department Deflection »

Survey completion after link click

Satisfaction and CAHPS® »

Reduction in diabetic churn

Chronic Condition Management »

Reported improved knowledge of plan services and benefits

Plan Experience »

Improvement in breast cancer screening completion

Women’s Health »

Improvement in transaction completion rates

Call Center Optimization »

How It Works

Sending messages is only one part of our platform. We know that great conversations require context, interactivity, and responsiveness.


Behind every outcome there is a person. It sounds simple, but it’s crucially important: understanding members is foundational to effective health engagement.

  • Proprietary SDOH Indexing helps you understand how social factors impact members’ health
  • Data modelling predicts engagement and how SDOH factors will influence outcomes
  • Dynamic Activation profiles are created for each member and adapted as additional insights are gathered

POWER Conversations on Behavior Change

Use Conversational AI to understand your members’ needs and barriers. By tailoring conversations and experiences in your member engagement strategy to individuals, you increase your ability to positively influence behaviors.

  • Ask questions about barriers and health needs to better understand your members
  • Direct members to appropriate health resources and nudge them to take action
  • Use natural Language Understanding to progress conversations even when members respond in their own words

CAPTURE Insights and Optimize Outcomes

Conversations create a wealth of data. Use analytics to understand the impact of your conversations and optimize interactions to better understand your population and solution performance.


  • Leverage Conversation ScienceTM capabilities to improve the quality of your conversations
  • Analyze dynamic activation scoring across programs by segments to optimize solution performance
  • Solution dashboards provide powerful views of your population engagement metrics and solution outcomes

Supporting Large & Diverse Medicaid Populations at Scale

Our capabilities are configured to support large and ethnically diverse Medicaid populations with reliable and secure mobile messaging.


of the 75 million total Medicaid lives are covered by our partner plans


languages supported across SMS, RCS, IVR, email, mobile web and push


years of experience


healthcare clients

Getting started is easy.

Our capabilities are sophisticated, but that does not mean complexity for you. We have over a decade of experience designing and implementing health engagement programs through mobile channels. Our team of client success managers, content developers, and behavior data scientists ensure we find the best approach to engage your Medicaid members quickly and efficiently. We know this because we have launched thousands of programs for some of the largest and most respected Medicaid plans in the nation.
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