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Better Patient Engagement Improves Outcomes

Drive patient actions by tapping the effects of conversations at scale.

Healthcare delivery has been jolted by technology, consumerization, and a global pandemic. There’s a new emphasis on what patients do between in-person (and virtual) encounters with providers. Their actions impact everything from inbound call volume to readmissions.

Appointment reminder software and patient engagement mobile apps have been table stakes for years. Leading providers now realize that reaching unengaged patients on their own terms in a scalable, meaningful way is crucial to navigating an evolving landscape.

Top health systems and integrated networks trust mPulse Mobile to support their patient engagement efforts because we are the proven platform for enterprise-grade conversational messaging on mobile channels.

For over a decade, we have helped leading IDNs and provider systems build innovative solutions that meet patients where they are and drive powerful health and business outcomes. In that time, we have gained invaluable experience and insight into how to best engage and activate patients at scale. We support this powerful knowledge with insights to continuously optimize results and discover new opportunities.

The Proven Leader in Conversational AI Patient Engagement

Activation and behavior change drive outcomes. Our conversational AI solutions address the most pressing patient engagement challenges to help you stay better connected. It’s the right way of thinking about building relationships.

Pre-Procedure Preparation


reduction in colonoscopy no-shows

Appointment Reminders


no-show reduction

Patient Retention


decrease in wound care procedure cancellations



response rate on post-visit follow up survey

ED Utilization


improvement in ED utilization rates


Appointment Reminders

Conversational outreach reduces no-shows and late cancellations.

  • We reach patients on preferred channels with automated follow-up “nudges” to drive higher confirmations and earlier cancellations.
  • Barrier identification dialogues identifies issues and help address barriers such as transportation or directions

Outcome: 20% no-show reduction

Pre-Procedure Preparation

Automated outreach supports pre-procedure instructions to reduce cancellations and “no-go’s.”

  • We launch a scheduled cadence of pre-procedure messaging that reminds patients of key behaviors and proactively addresses common questions
  • Barrier identification uncovers fears and obstacles and connects patients via configurable responses to the appropriate resources

Outcome: The solution drove a 44% no-show reduction for colonoscopy at Kaiser Permanente

Readmission Prevention

Conversational follow-up messaging for discharged patients supports staff and improves member experience while reinforcing key behaviors to avoid readmission.

  • Configurable triggers allow staff to launch automated follow-up dialogues to patients with content aligned with post-discharge instructions to create additional touchpoints
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) processes unexpected or unstructured patient responses, staging patient texts that require staff follow-up for 1:1 interaction on the Engagement Console

Core Capabilities

Conversations at Scale

Connect with patients between in-person encounters with real conversations, delivered efficiently across populations.

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) keeps automated text message conversations going, even when patients respond in their own words.
  • Engagement Console enables staff to start 1:1 conversations and take control of automated exchanges that require their expertise via a HIPAA-compliant browser-based console.

Omnichannel Outreach

Meet patients where they are through an enterprise-grade mobile communication platform.

  • mPulse Mobile supports high reach SMS text messaging, as well as email and IVR calls to meet patient preferences. Sensitive or personal information can be passed through our secure mobile web channel via messaging, surveys, or configurable content.
  • Learn more about our Omnichannel Capabilities

Multi-Topic Orchestration

Automated outreach requires automated coordination to make sure each patient receives the right message at the right time.

  • Activation Intelligence uses proprietary technology to match individual patients to messaging content that best fits their needs, preventing over-messaging and prioritizing outreach based on configurable rules.
  • Configurable program triggers via API integration mean staff can use the Engagement Console to launch outreach on an ad hoc basis or scheduled in advance.

Population Insights

Conversations create data. We surface insights from patient interactions and make it actionable for you.

  • Leverage Conversation ScienceTM capabilities measure sentiment and intent of patient responses at scale.
  • Use solution dashboards for powerful views of your population engagement metrics, SDOH Index analysis, and solution outcomes.

Trusted to Engage Large Patient Populations


years of experience


healthcare clients


million US consumers messaged


million conversations with 30 million healthcare consumers in the last year

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