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A Conversational Healthcare Consumer Engagement Platform Streamlines Access to Health Supplies

Make sure consumers get the health supplies they need quickly and efficiently.

An efficient and timely reorder process benefits both health supply companies and the consumers they serve. When consumers get their health supplies reliably, it’s easier for them to stay on their care plan. An easy reorder process creates a positive experience, translating to increased reorder rates and improved consumer retention rates for suppliers.

mPulse Mobile’s Conversational AI solutions are proven to streamline the reorder process for leading health suppliers, many of whom have transitioned from staff telephone outreach to an automated conversational approach, boosting reorder rates and improving operational efficiency.

The advantages of our AI-driven mobile consumer engagement platform for healthcare go beyond text reorders. Organizations are using our omnichannel solutions to optimize call center operations across a range of programs, such as automating information gathering for order processing, providing shipping and delivery updates, and product upgrade reminders.


Results-driven patient engagement solutions for pharmacy organizations.

Health Supply Reorders


increase in refill rates in a previously non-adherent Medicare population



ROI on health supply reorder program



increase in product upgrade requests through 1:1 interactive texting

Call Transitions


of refill order requests transitioned from voice to text



satisfaction with reorder engagement programs


Health Supply Reorders

Using automated conversational texts, consumers are reminded to reorder and can review their supplies directly in the message before confirming their order. The result: a frictionless solution preferred by consumers.

  • Natural language understanding (NLU) captures unprompted responses to keep the reorder reminder conversation progressing
  • Use the mPulse Mobile Engagement Console when consumers require 1:1 follow-up on complex requests
  • Barrier identification dialogues expose consumer challenges and help address issues that prevent patients from refilling

Shipping Notifications

Order status inquiries can account for to up to 70% of inbound call volume. Shipping notifications are a proactive means of providing this information to consumers, producing an immediate reduction in call volume.

  • Embedding tracking links keeps consumers informed
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) handles common requests for additional information

Rich Communication Service Solutions

Rich Communication Service (RCS) is an enhanced new version of standard SMS text messaging for android phones. It allows button-based functionality, image carousels, and other app-like functionality—all in the phone’s default messaging app. These capabilities significantly advance how health supply companies can engage consumers.

  • Product images can be displayed, providing order context to consumers
  • Orders can be confirmed with a simple button click with no typing required
  • Button-based functionality helps push back orders but keeps the consumer on a reorder cycle

Automated Outreach

Automated conversational outreach can be used to complete key healthcare consumer engagement touchpoints without the need for live support staff. Not only does it create efficiencies for health supply companies but it’s commonly the consumer-preferred approach. In addition to reordering supplies and shipping notifications, the following tasks can be completed though automated conversational outreach:

  • Upgrading and replacing older devices
  • Returning and exchanging orders
  • Ensuring continuity of therapy through daylight savings time changes
  • Collecting updated information for order processing
  • Confirming patient information prior to shipping

Call Center Optimization

Ease the reliance on staff phone outreach and deliver high-touch support using automated conversations and 1:1 mobile messaging support.

  • Transition interactions to mobile messaging, a consumer-preferred channel
  • Drive up inbound to outbound call ratios
  • Enable modality flexing when call volumes are high
  • Reducing wait times through status updates
  • Empower agent to initiate 1:1 text check-ins

Learn more about our Call Center Optimization solution.

Core Capabilities

1:1 Manual Text Interactions

Our HIPAA-compliant browser-based Engagement Console enables staff to start 1:1 conversations and take control of automated conversations that require their expertise.

Automated Conversations

Conversational AI using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) keeps automated text message conversations going, even when patients respond in their own words.

Omnichannel Outreach

Meet patients where they are through an enterprise-grade mobile healthcare consumer engagement platform.

  • mPulse Mobile supports high reach SMS text messaging, as well as email and IVR calls to meet patient preferences. Sensitive or personal information can be passed through our secure mobile web channel via messaging, surveys, or configurable content.
  • Learn more about our Omnichannel Capabilities

Population Insights

Conversations create data. We surface insights from patient interactions and make this intelligence actionable for you.

  • Leverage Conversation ScienceTM capabilities to measure sentiment and intent of patient responses at scale.
  • Use solution dashboards for powerful views of your population engagement metrics, SDOH Index analysis, and solution outcomes

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