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Conversational AI Strengthens Payor Member Engagement

Get to know your members better so you can serve them more effectively.

What would happen if you could have a conversation with every single one of your members? You’d want to discuss many topics, including understanding which key actions—visiting a doctor, completing a screening, managing a chronic condition—would help members improve their health and drive results for the plan. Most importantly, you would want to build a stronger, more personalized relationship.

To improve member engagement, payors need to be able to listen to what members say and respond to their needs. But trying to establish an open, two-way conversation with members has always been difficult, costly, and time consuming. Until now.

mPulse Mobile creates conversations, connections, and relationships at scale for the leading payors in the country. We do it with innovative technology and proven solutions that leverage the power of mobile channels and Conversational AI to reach members who need to hear from you the most. Stronger connections create improved health outcomes for members, transformative business efficiencies, and powerful insights about populations.



reduction in diabetic churn

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improvement in breast cancer screening completion

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How It Works

Sending messages is only one part of our platform – we know that great conversations require context, interactivity, and responsiveness.


Conversations need context. To build a connection with your members, we use data to find the best way to engage each one.

  • Proprietary SDOH Indexing helps you understand how social factors impact members’ health
  • Data modeling predicts member engagement and how factors like geography, demographics, SDOH and health literacy will influence outcomes
  • Dynamic Activation profiles are created for each member and adapt as additional insights are gathered through conversations and outcomes data

DELIVER Conversations to Spark Action

The mPulse Mobile platform launches automated outreach to your members, initiating conversations to encourage healthy behaviors that are configured to fit your member engagement strategies and resources.

  • Ask questions about barriers and health needs to better understand your members
  • Direct members to appropriate health resources and nudge them to take action
  • Use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to progress conversations even when members respond in their own words


Data drives everything. As members take action or engage, we improve and modify the solution to ensure the best outcomes.

  • Leverage Conversation ScienceTM capabilities to improve the quality of your conversations
  • Analyze dynamic activation scoring across programs any by segments to optimize solution performance
  • View solution dashboards for powerful views of your population engagement metrics and solution outcomes

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