Streaming Health Education

Inspire Health Engagement and Behavior Change Through Expert-Led Rich Content Experiences

Empower health literacy that drives valuable actions through courses taught by renowned health experts.

Improving member and patient knowledge about their health makes a huge impact. In addition to activating members and patients to live their best, most meaningful lives, health literacy reduces organizational costs while improving public health. So why do only 12% of adults in the US have good health literacy? Traditional health literacy approaches, such as 1:1 patient-provider communication and relying on members and patients to engage with a variety of materials, such as brochures and tools in portals, don’t meet current consumer expectations.

Modern consumers expect engaging cinematic and streaming content, including video, podcasts, and digital learning experiences. Through The Big Know Solution, members and patients are now able to be consistently connected to meaningful healthcare education that they can consume throughout their daily activities, finally connecting them with the information they need to improve their health literacy.

Our streaming health engagement solution helps healthcare organizations build and maintain deeper, more impactful relationships with their member and patients by replacing transactional interactions with ongoing sharing of valuable knowledge through their preferred channels. We leverage Conversational AI and 1:1 text interaction to understand what educational content members and patients need and in what format, then deliver it directly to them. The Big Know is tailored health education from health experts at scale.

Proven Results


Increase in digital course enrollment over telephonic services


Satisfaction with digital courses


Member click-through to a next step (ex: schedule eye exam)

Designed for Learning

Core Solution:

  • Interactive Streaming Media
  • 100s of Video Lessons
  • Podcast and Audio Capabilities
  • Library of Licensable Content Ready to Deploy
  • Custom Content

Additional Modules:

  • White-Labeled Health Portal
  • Self-Assessments, Polls, and Discussion Boards
  • Goal-Setting Notifications
  • Recommended Learning

Advanced technology. Practical solutions.

The mPulse Mobile Streaming Health Education Solution is delivered using our enterprise-grade communication platform and innovative technology that powers effective and scalable conversations.


  • Conversational AI – Forms the core of our Natural Language Understanding and allows us to automate tailored conversations
  • Engagement Console – Empowers your support staff to have 1:1 mobile conversations with members using a cloud-based desktop application
  • Reporting – Provides you with the data views and analysis to understand member engagement and optimization of solution outcomes
  • SDOH Index – Lets us understand populations at scale to tailor conversations, so you can provide support to all your members
  • Activation Intelligence – Builds individual activation profiles for each member, so we can adapt and tailor conversations to drive solution outcomes
  • Conversation Science – Enables us to measure and assess the quality of our automated conversations at scale, so we can be more meaningful and engaging

Start Conversations.
Build Relationships.
Drive Outcomes.

It all starts with conversation. Our omnichannel solutions empower you to have conversations with your consumers through their preferred channel and with relevant content. Our behavioral data science team and Conversational AI platform give you the smarts and automation to intelligently tailor your conversations to build stronger, tighter relationships with all your members. Relationships are the key to activation and behavior change that drives positive outcomes.

It’s all about relationships.
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