Medicaid Preventive Care & Screenings

Increase Screening Frequency by Having the Right Conversations

Activate members to close gaps in care

Preventive care is a foundational part of any managed care plan’s operations. Unfortunately, Medicaid members are twice as likely to report fair-or-worse health compared to privately insured adults. Managing high rates of preventable and controllable conditions and increasing access to screenings, tests, and vaccines are all essential to controlling costs, improving quality measures, and improving health outcomes.

But access is not enough. Ultimately, members must take action to visit clinics and close gaps in their care. When members don’t know about covered preventive services—or how each can benefit their health—they are less likely to take these important actions.

mPulse Mobile’s Preventive Care and Screenings solution provides the reminders, follow-ups, and barrier identification your members need. Our AI-powered Medicaid screening tools complement initial outreach with tailored conversations that address health literacy gaps and connect members to your existing resources.

Proven Results


Screening completion rate for previously-unengaged members


Improvement in breast cancer screening completion


Improvement in emergency department utilization

How It Works


We build a dynamic profile of each member that helps guide outreach. Using what we learn about your members and your specific Medicaid screening objectives, we tailor conversations to connect with members in ways that drive action. Here are some of the factors we rely on:

  • Spoken language and cultural background
  • Health literacy
  • Screening completion history and health status
  • Health activation
  • Proprietary SDOH Index Score
  • Demographic information
  • Engagement history

DELIVER Conversations to Close Gaps in Care

Members receive conversational reminders that help them complete screenings and get preventive care.

  • Remind and nudge members to complete their screenings, tests, and vaccines
  • Tailor conversations based on their dynamic member profile
  • Use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to gather important member-reported information, including barriers to visiting clinics
  • Connect members to existing initiatives and incentives to drive awareness and better outcomes

OPTIMIZE Your Solution

We work with you to capture key insights and optimize the solution to continuously improve gap closure rates.

  • Analyze all aspects of solution performance through solution dashboards
  • Measure and understand conversational engagement across population segments
  • Optimize conversations and minimize friction for members to take action

Solution Content

Core Solution:

  • Screenings, Tests, Vaccine Reminder Conversations for:
    • Immunizations and Vaccines (CIS, IMA, FVA)
    • Lead Screenings in Children (LSC)
    • Cervical Cancer Screenings (CCS)
    • Breast Cancer Screenings (BCS)
    • Comprehensive Diabetes Care (CDC)
    • Child, Adolescent, and Adult Preventive Care and Wellness Visits (W30, WCV, AAP)
  • Barrier Identification
  • Satisfaction Survey

Additional Modules:

  • Incentives Management
  • Plan Initiatives (e.g. community events, Breast Cancer Awareness month, etc.)
  • Follow-Up Survey
  • Health Literacy and Education Improvement
  • Additional Channels and Languages
  • CAHPS® Satisfaction Monitor

Advanced technology. Practical solutions.

The mPulse Mobile Preventive Care and Screenings Solution leverages our enterprise-grade communication platform and innovative technology that powers effective and scalable conversations.


  • Conversational AI – Forms the core of our Natural Language Understanding and allows us to automate tailored conversations
  • Engagement Console – Empowers your support staff to have 1:1 mobile conversations with members using a cloud-based desktop application
  • Reporting – Provides you with the data views and analysis to understand member engagement and optimization of solution outcomes
  • SDOH Index – Lets us understand populations at scale to tailor conversations, so you can provide support to all your members
  • Activation Intelligence – Builds individual activation profiles for each member, so we can adapt and tailor conversations to drive solution outcomes
  • Conversation Science – Enables us to measure and assess the quality of our automated conversations at scale, so we can be more meaningful and engaging

Start Conversations.
Build Relationships.
Drive Outcomes.

It all starts with conversation. Our omnichannel solutions empower you to have conversations with your consumers through their preferred channel and with relevant content. Our behavioral data science team and Conversational AI platform give you the smarts and automation to intelligently tailor your conversations to build stronger, tighter relationships with all your members. Relationships are the key to activation and behavior change that drives positive outcomes.

It’s all about relationships.
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