Age-in & Retention

Improve Medicare Age-In and Member Retention Rates Using mPulse Mobile

Automated conversations are proven to help close gaps in care.

How do your age-in candidates feel about your Medicare plan? Do members at risk to leave the plan know about the benefits available to them? Every plan works hard to market to age-in candidates and retain at-risk members, but it’s impossible to connect with large populations using “one-size-fits-all” outreach or mailers. The best way to gain these important insights is to strengthen your relationship with members.

Solve this challenge by having important member conversations—at scale—using mPulse Mobile.

Our Medicare partners know that deeper connections increase member retention. They leverage the mPulse Mobile Age-In and Retention solution to build relationships with key member populations using automated conversations. We rely on data to create tailored communications that connect members with key information to improve their understanding of their plan’s value and feel more connected to their care.

Proven Results


Members requesting more information on Medicare plans


Click-through rates for Medicare plan information


Click-through rates for value-add benefit information

Measures Targeted: C24 and D03 - Members Choosing to Leave the Plan, C21 and D05 - Rating of Health/Drug Plan

How Age-In & Retention Works

UNDERSTAND Medicare Age-In Candidates and Current Members

Valuable conversations require understanding the person on the other end. We use data to build a dynamic profile of each member and guide conversations through content, channels, and timing to activate them. Content for the mPulse Mobile Age-in Retention Program typically includes:

  • Retention Risk
  • Health Status
  • Proprietary SDOH Indexing
  • Age and Demographic Information
  • Engagement History
  • Health Literacy
  • Health Activation

DELIVER Conversations that Connect Members to Information

Your age-in candidates receive conversational messages to assess their interest in learning more about Medicare plans. When members are identified as at-risk to leave the plan, they receive tailored outreach featuring available benefits and services.

  • Build value in mobile channels by providing important information to age-in candidates before asking their permission to provide Medicare plan information
  • Boost awareness of plan benefits and services with proactive outreach to members at risk to leave the plan
  • Gather important member-reported information with sentiment and intent analysis to understand population-level insights


We work with you to capture key insights and optimize your solution to continuously improve engagement and member retention rates. Here’s how we help:

  • Analyze all aspects of solution performance through solution dashboards
  • Leverage reporting on member-identified complaints or barriers and common response messages for your overall retention and age-in strategy
  • Optimize conversations and minimize friction for members to engage with plan information and resources

Solution Content

The Age-In and Retention Solution consists of the following engagement content modules.

Core Solution:

  • Medicare Plan Information for Age-In Candidates
  • Birthday Outreach
  • Current Member Benefits Awareness
  • Barrier Assessment

Additional Modules:

  • Additional Channels and Languages
  • CAHPS® Satisfaction Monitor

Advanced technology. Practical solutions.

The mPulse Mobile Age-In and Retention Solution combines an enterprise-grade communication platform with innovative technology to power effective and scalable conversations.

  • Conversational AI – This is the core of our Natural Language Understanding. It allows us to automate tailored conversations with members.
  • Engagement Console – Empowers your support staff to have 1:1 mobile conversations with members using a cloud-based desktop application
  • Reporting – Provides you with the data views and analysis to understand member engagement and optimization of solution outcomes
  • SDOH Index – Lets us understand populations at scale to tailor conversations, so you can provide support to all your members
  • Activation Intelligence – Builds individual activation profiles for each member, so we can adapt and tailor conversations to drive solution outcomes
  • Conversation Science–- Enables us to measure and assess the quality of our automated conversations at scale, so we can be more meaningful and engaging

Start Conversations.
Build Relationships.
Drive Outcomes.

It all starts with conversation. Our omnichannel solutions empower you to have conversations with your consumers through their preferred channel and with relevant content. Our behavioral data science team and Conversational AI platform give you the smarts and automation to intelligently tailor your conversations to build stronger, tighter relationships with all your members. Relationships are the key to activation and behavior change that drives positive outcomes.

It’s all about relationships.
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