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mPulse Mobile enables Healthcare Providers to improve patient engagement through Conversational AI solutions focused on patient care plans. Contact us to discuss the most effective solutions for your organization.

Beyond Text Reminders. How Conversational AI Helps Patients Navigate the Complexity of Healthcare
How do you improve engagement to tackle outcomes and cost?

When patients are not engaged about their health, they struggle to effectively manage the complexity of healthcare. Patients miss getting the care that they need and health systems incur unnecessary costs.

Engaged patients cost less to treat. Health systems must invest in patient engagement strategies to be successful in the value-based care environment. Cost efficiency is crucial, so healthcare providers need a scalable communication solution that can address a wide-range of patient engagement challenges across the care continuum. The solution must be easy for patients to adopt and use, otherwise it will have little impact on outcomes.

mPulse Mobile enables healthcare providers to improve patient engagement across the care continuum. Automated, dynamically tailored mobile conversations deliver the information patients need to drive healthy behavior change. The text channel is widely adopted and intuitive, so it becomes easy for patients to navigate the system and get the care that they need. When a patient population is successfully engaged, resources can be directed to treatment and care rather than outreach and follow-up.

Learn how mPulse Mobile’s solutions are deployed across the care continuum to improve patient engagement.


Walks through five innovative mPulse Mobile client programs, including execution details and outcomes

Patient Access


Low awareness of services prevents patients from getting important care that they need.  Educate patients about available care services and drive them to take action on their health.

Appointment Reminders


Reduce revenue loss from no-shows by reminding and empowering patients to manage their appointments through 2-way text workflows.

Procedure Compliance


Prepare patients for their upcoming procedure so that they have completed the pre-procedural instructions, and feel prepared for the experience that lies ahead.

Readmission Prevention


Post-discharge treatment plans can be complicated for patients to follow. Increase adherence by sending text reminders and notifications to keep patients engaged.

Care Management


Help patients self-manage their condition by providing individualized text support. Inform them of treatment steps and provide a channel for their care managers and support team to efficiently engage with them 1:1.



Surveys provide important insights about patients’ care experiences, but they can be costly and inefficient to administer. Leverage mobile channels to efficiently reach patients and deliver surveys with high response rates and quick response times.


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