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mPulse Mobile enables Medical Device companies to provide important consumer support as they start new med-tech therapies and improve health supply re-order rates. Contact us to discuss the most effective solutions for your organization.

Interactive Text Messaging Solutions Improve Re-order Rates & the Med-Tech Consumer Experience
What are you doing to improve therapy adoption and streamline reordering?

Consumers face many challenges as new health interventions are introduced into their lives. The ability to conveniently re-order their health supplies should not be one of them.

Medical Device companies and suppliers that engage directly with their consumers understand the importance of therapy compliance for improved outcomes and long-term customer satisfaction. To increase therapy compliance, manufacturers must minimize all barriers to success. This includes effective technology onboarding and streamlining the supply re-order process so ‘inconvenience of ordering’ is never a reason for a consumer running out of the supplies that they need.

mPulse Mobile enables Medical Device companies to support consumers during onboarding and improve therapy compliance. Text message notifications provide important reminders to patients as they develop healthy habits during the early stages of therapy. Interactive text messaging workflows provide a consumer-friendly and secure channel to complete supply reorders, making the process quick and simple.

Learn how mPulse Mobile’s solutions improve the therapy compliance and the consumer experience.


Discover how a leading health supplier improved reorder rates.

Order Refill


Add text reorders to leverage the most widely adopted mobile communication channel. Increase re-order rates with an efficient user-friendly channel to complete secure order transactions.

Technology Onboarding


Keeping consumers engaged and focused on incorporating new health technology into their lifestyle is crucial during the first weeks and months of therapy. Mobile messaging lets device companies keep their consumers informed and focused on achieving their therapy goals.


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