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mPulse Mobile helps Medicaid Health Plans overcome member engagement challenges through tailored, interactive mobile solutions. Contact us to discuss the most effective solutions for your organization.

Interactive Text has the Power to Revolutionize Member Activation for Safety Net Populations
Do you take full advantage of the most effective communication channel for hard-to-reach populations?

It is an unfortunate truth that Medicaid populations have worse health outcomes than the privately insured. All too often, it is most difficult to reach and engage those who need care the most.

Medicaid Plans know that engaging members about their health is critical to improving health outcomes. More than any other population, Medicaid members need to be informed about when to get care and the most appropriate setting. Medicaid Plans have the opportunity to improve the process of how members are engaged, so that outcomes improve while significantly reducing the high administrative costs associated with member outreach and education.

mPulse Mobile helps Medicaid Plans overcome engagement challenges through tailored, interactive mobile solutions. Members can be reached through their mobile phones — the communication channel they use most. Interactive 1:1 text messaging dialogues are the most engaging form of healthcare communication. Medicaid Plans can now deliver crucial information through conversational workflows and by incorporating data driven insights to target tailored and meaningful messages that truly drive individual and population behavioral change.

Learn how mPulse Mobile’s solutions address some of Medicaid’s most costly health challenges.


See results of our 3 month interactive text messaging study with a Medicaid plan.

Disease Management


Chronic conditions require intensive treatment. Engage members on how they can better manage their condition and provide notifications and reminders so members take action to meet care milestones.

Health Plan Navigation


Quickly understand new enrollee health activation levels then engage them on targeted health topics to improve their understanding of the health services that are available to them.

Health Engagement


Everyone can benefit from focusing more on their health. Target members with health topics and experiences that are important to them so that healthy behaviors become part of their lifestyle.

Quality Measure Improvement


Low engagement means consumers are not aware of preventive care services. Targeted text messaging activates members to get the care that they need.

ED Deflection


Reduce unnecessary visits to the Emergency Department by increasing awareness and utilization of alternative lower cost care services.



Surveys provide important insights about consumers’ experiences with health plan services, but they can be costly and inefficient to administer. Leverage mobile channels to efficiently reach consumers and deliver surveys with high response rates and quick response times.


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