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mPulse Mobile, the leader in mobile health engagement, drives improved health outcomes and business efficiencies by engaging individuals with meaningful and interactive dialog. mPulse Mobile combines technology, analytics and industry expertise that helps healthcare organizations activate their customers to adopt healthy behaviors.



In this webinar, Rena Brar Prayaga, Behavioral Data Scientist of mPulse Mobile and Chris Nicholson, CEO of mPulse Mobile, share data and insights from a three-month program with a large Integrated Delivery Network in California seeking to optimize patient outcomes and lower costs.

Patient Engagement Outcomes Report


Whether your organization focuses on Value Based Care, growth or both, patient engagement remains a cornerstone of effective care delivery. This report walks through five innovative mPulse Mobile client programs, including execution details and outcomes.



Hear the world’s leading health system share insights into their patient engagement processes. In this webinar, we share details around strategy, implementation and key learnings from delivering innovative texting programs that work.

Patient Engagement Infographic


See how interactive text messaging revolutionizes patient engagement and improves health outcomes across 6 different use cases.

Medicaid Whitepaper


Results from a 3 month study with Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) that consisted of sending tailored, interactive text messages based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data.

Medicaid Infographic


Stats showing how interactive text messaging helps Medicaid plans communicate with consumers using simple text messaging, engage them through two-way dialog, and activate them through tailored content.

Provider Whitepaper


Learn how to reduce no-shows, reduce hospital readmissions, increase the effectiveness of telehealth visits, and increase medication adherence through multi-channel mobile messaging.

Text Messaging for a Healthier Patient Population


Tailored and engaging mobile messaging campaigns can help patients choose a doctor, schedule care, and utilize resources like urgent care clinics and nurse advice lines. Learn how the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) uses texting.

Medicaid Brochure


Learn more about how our mobile engagement solutions help with new member navigation, ED deflection, HEDIS, gaps in care and more.

mPulse Mobile Plan eBook


Learn how to increase member retention, reduce administrative costs, improve health outcomes, and increase medication adherence through multi-channel mobile messaging.

TCPA Webinar


If compliance is a concern for your organization, this webinar will answer many of your questions about TCPA regulations, consumer consent, HIPAA regulations, and risk analysis.

Grifols Case Study


mPulse empowered Grifols to initiate a Mobile Alert system which plasma donors could subscribe to and receive text messages about events and donor compensation amounts. Since initiation, over 7,700 donors have joined the system.

KP Graphic


mPulse worked with Kaiser Permanente to develop solutions that not only made a staggering impact on its patient communication costs, but with less than two percent opt-out during the pilot phase, it was clear that members also were happy with the new SMS-based solutions.

Making Healthcare Mobile Guide


Gain insight into the common challenges involved in implementing mobile communications. Additionally, learn about industry-specific complexities that result from HIPAA and HITECH regulations and additional considerations healthcare companies must be aware of in regards to compliance.

mHealth Trends Report


A thorough update on the state of the mHealth industry and predictions on the future of the industry.

Health Plans Brochure


Learn more about how our mobile engagement solutions help with disease management, enrollment and renewal, eAdoption, call center efficiency and more.

Care Coordination Graphic


Follow a patient through a knee procedure and see how mobile messaging improves care coordination before, during, and after any procedure.