Communicating with Medi-Cal members can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be.

Learn the best ways to engage and activate your Medicaid population with our Medi-Cal Consumer Engagement Toolkit.

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HIPPA, HITrust, and TCPA: we know compliance better than any other engagement vendor.

Medi-Cal's trust in mPulse is proven by member engagement and gaps-in-care outcomes.

Results driven Conversational AI to address knowledge gaps and encourage lose of Medicaid coverage

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Improve Measures. Stay Compliant. Drive Healthy Action.

Medi-Cal plans face many different hurdles. How do you adhere to both California and federal regulations? How do you drive healthy action and close gaps while making your members feel like more than a number? And most pressing in 2023: What is the most effective way to ensure all eligible members complete the redetermination process and retain their coverage? 

The solution may be more attainable than you think: tailored, two-way outreach delivering interactive health content on a foundation of behavioral science.

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Redetermination Ready

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Leading Medi-Cal Plans Trust mPulse

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 Multi-Lingual Outreach

Understand member replies and intelligently respond in the language they prefer.

Streaming Health Content

Combat poor health literacy with educational, interactive content to influence behavior change.

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Hear the success that CalOptima and IEHP are having with 2-way texting and streaming health content.

Amazon, Walmart, and Netflix. Learn how leading brands are engaging their consumers and about the Medi-Cal and plans who are already putting these techniques into action.

Redetermination Resources for California Medicaid Plans

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Leading Medi-Cal Success Stories

of this plan's Black Medi-Cal population were vaccinated through this program 
(state-wide average of 32%)
of members reported the program improved their their overall knowledge of
their Medi-Cal plan's services
When you mix health education, behavioral science, and expertise in the California Medicaid market, you get strong outcomes. Download the Medi-Cal Engagement Toolkit to get more detailed results from our recent Medi-Cal programs.

Intelligent 2-Way Conversations Built on Behavioral Science

Engage your members like consumers with the experiences they have come to expect everywhere else but healthcare.

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Redetermination for California Medicaid Plans

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