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mPulse Recognizes Innovative Healthcare Organizations in the Sixth Annual Activate 2023 Awards

Winners included AltaMed, RVO Health, L.A. Care, and several others recognized for strong outcomes, health equity, and innovation among complex member populations.

mPulse, the leader in conversational AI and digital engagement solutions for the healthcare industry, announced the winners of the Activate 2023 Awards. The awards recognize key customers and healthcare organizations who showcase industry-leading health outcomes, technology innovation, and health equity results for members. The winners were announced at mPulse’s annual Activate conference where industry leaders and SMEs share innovative strategies for digital health activation to over 200 participants across the healthcare ecosystem.

Like the Activate 2022 Award winners, this year’s participants include healthcare industry leaders and innovative health plans focused on improving patient outcomes, incorporating behavioral science into member journey design, and addressing other critical engagement goals. These health organizations are on the cutting edge of member and patient engagement, using digital technology informed by behavioral design principles to form deeper relationships with their consumers, and support healthier actions and behaviors. The Activate Award judges considered both qualitative and quantitative metrics in five categories to evaluate submissions: achieving health equity, best use of behavioral science, most improved consumer experience, most innovative solution, and most significant outcome.

Below is the full list of Activate 2023 Award winners.

Achieving Health Equity

Program Goal
Improve access to valuable resources and education for expecting and new mothers

L.A. Care, the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan, partnered with mPulse to create a conversational, tailored messaging campaign aimed at helping expecting and new mothers gain access to the most valuable health resources and education. The program assisted pregnant Medicaid members in gaining access and utilizing resources such as: behavioral health support, in-home visit options, appointment scheduling, pregnancy education, and more, addressing key health equity issues among a hard-to-reach patient population.

Partnering with mPulse, L.A. Care’s tailored engagement campaign witnessed a 28% prenatal enrollment rate and 33% postpartum enrollment rate in the messaging program. It resulted in 18% of postpartum enrollees self-reporting that they attended a follow-up Ob/Gyn appointment after giving birth, a critical step for supporting postpartum health and ensuring new mothers have access to critical resources and information. 96% of prenatal enrollees were retained through the duration of the program.

Notable Outcome
96% of prenatal enrollees were retained through the duration of the program

Best Use of Behavioral Science

Program Goal
Increase member knowledge, confidence and engagement in blood pressure and hypertension management

RVO Health, backed by Red Ventures and Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group, is the largest health and wellbeing platform in the U.S., helping nearly 100 million people a month seek information, find a doctor, save money, and take action around their health and wellbeing.

RVO Health worked with mPulse to implement a 26-week long SMS program coupled with a coaching program aimed at increasing member knowledge, confidence and engagement in blood pressure and hypertension management. The tailored messaging program incorporated behavioral science principles to empower members to adopt healthier habits while addressing individual needs and providing resources and ongoing support.

The SMS program received one of the highest engagement rates seen across any mPulse program: a 91% engagement rate overall, 87% response rate, and 55% overall link click rate.

Notable Outcome
91% program engagement rate and 87% response rate

Most Improved Consumer Experience

Program Goal
Increase supply reorder rates while improving consumer experience and satisfaction

Medline, the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment in the U.S., set out with mPulse to offer an improved digital experience for members ordering critically needed medical supplies. Aiming to increase medical supply reorder rates while improving consumer experience and satisfaction, the company moved away from a call center-only model, instead implementing automated SMS messages coupled with an Engagement Console for staff intervention and additional support as needed.

As a result of the innovative engagement and messaging program implemented with mPulse, Medline witnessed a 60% engagement rate, saw 89% of patients respond in 15 minutes or less.

Notable Outcome
89% of patients responded in 15 minutes or less

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Most Improved Consumer Experience


National Dental Health Plan and Network


Program Goal
Gather timely insights on the consumer experience through survey check-ins

A large, national dental benefits provider and dental network was recognized as a second winner within this category because the organization approached the consumer experience from a different perspective, innovating on ways to measure the consumer experience to make it more effective and inform decision making.

The organization partnered with mPulse to pilot a post-visit check-in program to gather timely insights on the consumer experience. Initially deployed in 2019 across three member health plans and delivered through email, the consumer experience solution has expanded to all health plans within the group with nearly 400,000 survey check-ins sent annually. In 2023, SMS check-ins were added to three of the plans, which increased overall response rates to 20% vs. 18% for email alone. People that received the SMS check-in completed the survey at nearly 2 times the rate as email.

Notable Outcome
Consumers who received SMS check-ins completed the survey 2x the rate of those who received email

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Most Innovative Solution

Program Goal
Improve patients’ access to COVID lab results

AltaMed Health Services is the largest independent community health center in the U.S., serving primarily Latinx patients in Southern California. AltaMed partnered with mPulse to enable patients to view their COVID lab results in a secure format via SMS and mobile web, as well as receive referral notifications. It also provided additional information to help patients understand their results or call in for more information.

The digital outreach capabilities, particularly the use of mobile web, to share personal health information (PHI) drove significant efficiencies for AltaMed. The program saw strong engagement among patients who sought to access and view their COVID lab results, with 27.7% of members clicking a link to see their results, achieving a 95% reach rate, and saving their program support call center more than 1,600 hours of time.

Referral notification results were also positive, with 37.5% of members clicking a referral notification link, achieving a 95.4% reach rate, and saving the call center more than 550 hours of service time.

Notable Outcome
SMS and mobile web saved their program support call center more than 1,600 hours of time

Most Significant Outcome


Top 10 National Health Plan


Program Goal
Close key care gaps while increasing access to critical resources and support

A top-10 national health plan based on membership size leveraged mPulse’s outreach solutions to support over 170 active programs deployed to educate, inform and empower members to close care gaps while increasing access to critical plan resources and support.

The 170 programs used a wide range of mPulse’s most impactful digital capabilities and strategies, including multichannel outreach, multilingual messaging, tailored outreach to provide relevant education and assess member’s knowledge of a given health topic, and behavioral science strategies to drive relevant calls-to-action for additional support and resources.

Among the most notable outcomes: a 48% higher wellness visit gap closure than among members who did not receive mPulse’s digital outreach; a 400% increase in diabetic eye exam gap closure than members who did not receive outreach; and a 30% reduction in the number of unnecessary Emergency Room visits.

Notable Outcome
400% increase in diabetic eye exams and 30% reduction in unnecessary ER visits

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