mPulse_300Value focused healthcare solutions

mPulse Mobile is a mobile engagement solutions provider focused on consumer health and wellness. We solve many of the industries’ most expensive challenges, such as missed appointments, medication adherence and e-adoption. Our SAAS-based, insight-driven solutions are HIPAA compliant.

mPulse is a team of seasoned healthcare experts from companies like Humana, Medtronic, Siemens Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Eliza and Anthem. Born out of the healthcare division of mobileStorm, our team has years of experience helping organizations reach, engage and influence patients and members on mobile devices. We enable the leading Health Plans, Providers, and Pharmaceutical companies to improve the health and wellbeing of consumers by making health care communications relevant to the modern lifestyle.

Our Core Values

  • Model integrity and collaboration

    “Our true strength is our team.  NOT our experience or creativity, but our ability to collaborate with our partners to change the face of healthcare.”  

    – Vivek Kaliraman

  • Improve consumer experiences

    “Solving unique problems and helping our clients achieve their objectives, while still creating amazing consumer interactions is what drives my team.”

    – Stephanie Perras

  • Create value for clients by empowering their consumers

    “Everyone I work with is so supportive, and I love helping our clients make their mobile dreams a reality.”  

    – Elyse Rossler

  • Drive innovation and thought leadership

    “We’ve been called a ‘triple threat’ because of our mobile expertise, agile SaaS infrastructure and healthcare focus.”

    – Lindsay Hong

  • Support decision making at all levels

    “My team and leaders are amazing, they trust me to do what’s right for the business and we all get to stretch into new roles as our team expands.” 

    – Heather Winters

  • Celebrate success

    “I’m hooked – we’re doing such amazing things and that excitement flows through our office every day.  I love the positivity.”

    – Magdalen Kmiec

Join the team

We’re looking for people who can blow us away!

Executive Team

  • Chris Nicholson
    Chris Nicholson Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Chris has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and digital technology from working in Fortune 100 companies to dynamic startups. As CEO, he leads the company vision of creating a new approach to healthcare communications. Text “Chris” to 42039 for more information.
  • Brian Chudleigh
    Brian Chudleigh Chief Financial Officer
    Brian has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector and manages not only the financial aspect of mPulse, but also contributes his expertise in healthcare operations towards our product development and market strategy. Text “Brian” to 42039 for more information.
  • Ram  Prayaga
    Ram Prayaga Chief Technology Officer
    Ram has a passion for solving difficult technology challenges. He brings over 20 years of engineering and project management experience to mPulse. Ram spearheads our product and development teams. Text “Ram” to 42039 for more information.
  • Paige Mantel
    Paige Mantel SVP, Marketing
    Paige is a dynamic, results-oriented marketer with over 20 years of experience. At mPulse, she leads our product marketing, corporate communications and demand generation activities. Text “Paige” to 42039 for more information.
  • Justin Nelson
    Justin Nelson SVP, Sales & Account Management
    Justin is passionate about applying technology to solve real-world business challenges. As a sales leader with over 20 years experience, Justin leads our revenue acquisition and retention efforts as well as customer satisfaction teams. Text “Justin” to 42039 for more information.
  • Gary Holderby
    Gary Holderby VP, Partnership Strategy
    Gary has dedicated his 20+ year career towards collaborating with clients to solve problems and achieve goals through technology. At mPulse, Gary focuses on client growth, change leadership, and P&L management. Text “Gary” to 42039 for more information.

Board of Directors

  • Jared Reitzin
    Jared Reitzin Founder & Chairman
    Jared is currently the Founder & Chairman of mobileStorm, Founder of mWatch Media, and Co-Founder of DUDE.
  • Chris Nicholson
    Chris Nicholson Board Member
    Chris is the Co-Founder & CEO of mPulse.
  • Bob Saunders
    Bob Saunders Board Member
    Bob Saunders, General Partner at OCA Ventures.
  • Enrico Piccozza
    Enrico Piccozza Board Member
    Enrico is a Venture Partner at HLM Venture Partners.
  • Dave Carlson
    Dave Carlson Board Observer
    Dave is the Managing Director of eonCapital and CEO of Shopventory.
  • Jonathan Schreiber
    Jonathan Schreiber Board Observer
    Jonathan is the President of Mercury Radio Arts.
  • Rishi Shah
    Rishi Shah Board Observer
    Rishi is CEO at ContextMedia Inc.
  • Brad Purdy
    Brad Purdy Board Observer
    Brad is COO at ContextMedia Inc.
  • Jim Andelman
    Jim Andelman Board Observer
    Jim is a Managing Partner at Rincon Venture Partners.

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Frank Day
    Dr. Frank Day Advisor
    Frank is a physician at UCLA.
  • Frank Hone
    Frank Hone Advisor
    Frank is the VP, Engagement at Healthx.
  • Kevin Jacques
    Kevin Jacques Advisor
    Kevin is the VP, Corporate Development at Intuit.
  • Nadeem Kassam
    Nadeem Kassam Advisor
    Nadeem is the Founder & CEO at BioBeats.
  • Stuart Sikes
    Stuart Sikes Advisor
    Stuart is the President of Parks Associates.
  • Sudip Chakrabortty
    Sudip Chakrabortty Advisor
    Sudip is the Founder of BCN Biosciences and Entuze.

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