mPulse Platform Release Notes Q3 2019

I hope you are well and I hope you were able to see us at Activate 2019 in October.  It was a blast and we are energized by all the amazing work done by our clients. It is great to know that our platform and solutions are making a positive difference in the engagement of your members, patients and consumers.  These events are concentrated amounts of energy…which continues to propel us to do even more. I wanted to share some of the things we have been up to recently.

New version of Prescription Refill Solution

Using new data and insights, we have added to our refill solution for plan members.  This version will allow clients with Medicare and Medicaid members to refill their prescription at their local community pharmacy.  It uses our Activation Intelligence for tailoring based on social determinants of health (SDOH), refill history, age, gender and drug classes. It also uncovers health beliefs and other barriers relating to non-adherence.

Improvements to our Controlled Diabetes Management Solution

We have added a new version of our solution for managing controlled diabetics and preventing them from going uncontrolled in their next A1c test.  There is better conversational AI and additional dialogues relating to setting and tracking goals (including for individuals with limited mobility), improving motivation, and uncovering health beliefs and self efficacy.

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Index

We all know where a member lives has a major impact on their health, so understanding their local environment is key to driving  health activation.  We have developed our SDOH Index that takes a member’s address, maps it to a census tract and estimates their SDOH impact. This new metric allows us to add more relevance and depth to our conversations and it lets you understand your members better.

Engagement Console group search improvements

We have recently migrated to a new search technology and you should see significant improvement in pulling up groups in Engagement Console.  We are excited about this new technology and look forward to adding more search related features such as notifications and enhanced segmentation.

Omnichannel Visibility in the Engagement Console

We have added features to Engagement Console (EC) that allows users to see IVR activity within the Dialogue View for each member. This will allow users to have a more complete understanding of the context around conversations with individual members. We will continue to expand our omnichannel capabilities within EC.

Program Manager – Beta Release

We are currently beta testing Program Manager (the new platform UI that will eventually replace Communication Console).  Our most recent release allows you to manage subscribers and upload members using a much better member upload process.  If you are interested in testing this, please give me a shout.

Some highlights what’s currently in the works

  • Engagement Console integration with NICE/InContact and SalesForce ServiceCloud.
  • Realtime notifications/alerts, more channel integration and enhanced member profile data within EC
  • More features for the Program Manager (Beta) including program design and solution library.
  • A tool for continuous quality control of our natural language understanding in production.
  • More solutions…

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Please feel free to reach out to your account manager or me with any questions or comments about these updates or our upcoming roadmap. Our team thrives on feedback and we always want to hear how we can help you drive results for your consumers.


Ram Prayaga
Chief Technology Officer
mPulse Mobile

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