We invite you to join us at the Medicaid Managed Care Summit –Director of Solution Marketing, Brendan McClure speaking

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World Congress hosts their 12th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Summit on February 26th and 27th, at The Wink Hotel in Washington, DC. The meeting assembles managed care organizations, states, and Medicaid providers to advance value-based care transformation, discuss government influence in state Medicaid programs, and address today’s challenges in Medicaid.

Join us in this interview-style session where our Director of Solution Marketing, Brendan McClure, will join Marisa Scala-Foley, Director of Aging and Business Institute at n4a, to discuss how to “Engage Members to Play an Active Role in Managing Chronic Conditions“. The session kicks off Day 2 of the event and will highlight strategies used to better engage hard-to-reach member populations and increase self-efficacy toward managing their health. Brendan will share how our Conversational AI solutions have been used to improve health outcomes among member populations with chronic diabetes.

The mPulse mobile team will also be exhibiting the event, so please visit our booth.

If you would like to set up a dedicated meeting or demo, please email info@mpulsemobile.com to schedule a time.

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