mHealth Watch Blog Series Week 4: Improving Portal Adoption

In this week’s installment of mHealthWatch’s new blog series, we’re tackling the challenge of improving portal adoption.

Improving Portal Adoption Possible with mPulse Mobile Solution

Although 87 percent of patients now want electronic access to their health records, according to athenahealth’s research highlighted recently by Healthcare Information, the portal adoption rate in the U.S. is just 29%. As a result, it behooves Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to seek new and effective ways to improve their portal adoption rates and increase their return on investments in procurement of engaged patients.

For this particular case study , we’re setting our sights on the experience of a large, multi-state IDN which invested significant resources into boosting portal adoption. This effort in question provided the foundation for a case study presented in mPulse Mobile’s new Outcomes Report.

Execs at the IDN featured in the report knew that patients who registered for the portal were 2.6 times more likely to remain loyal patients of the organization. But how to reach the ‘unengaged’ patient segment — people who had not responded to previous outreach attempts — was the question.

That’s when the company reached out to mPulse Mobile to leverage its text channel to drive portal sign-ups among the not yet engaged patient population. The target audience was a cohort of 55,746 patients who had not previously registered for the portal.

After the IDN partnered with mPulse Mobile to reach these patients in a new and more cost effective way, 18 percent of the target audience registered on the portal.

The key was sending a text message to all mobile phone numbers, along with a unique link to register to the portal. This was the best possible solution, since — of the target patients — 51,632 (93 percent) had a mobile phone on record, while only 16,229 (29 percent) had email addresses on record.

Next Monday, in our final installment of mHealthWatch’s latest blog series, we’ll take a look at the critically important issue of Patient Compliance.

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