Top Ten Takeaways from the Connected Health Summit

I just got back from the Connected Health Summit in San Diego. #ConnectedHealth15 was a well-attended event with senior level executives and investors focused on improving healthcare engagement. Great leaders from Kaiser Permanente, Johnson and Johnson, McKesson, Walgreens, Humana, and others spoke on the key trends and their strategies. Parks and Associates did a really nice job on a strategic agenda, sharing data and driving discussions. For me there were 10 key themes and takeaways from the summit.

10. Personalization is possible and we need to be more marketing minded.
9. Engagement needs better definition.
8. Companies need to integrate to get the value from healthcare data.
7. You must partner to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.
6. Listen to your clients and consumers.
5. The data point that it will take 5 years for health data to be used effectively is disappointing.
4. Remember that people are not their disease.
3. More is not better and the smaller event format was most effective.
2. Fat middle… You had to be there.
1. Parks Associates is on point and focus of summit was well received.

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