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mPulse Mobile enables Healthcare Providers to improve patient engagement through text messaging workflows focused on patient care plans. Contact us to discuss the most effective solutions for your organization.

Beyond Text Reminders. How Interactive Text Helps Patients Navigate the complexity of Healthcare

How do you improve engagement to tackle outcomes and cost?

When patients are not engaged about their health, they struggle to effectively manage the complexity of healthcare. Patients miss getting the care that they need and health systems incur unnecessary costs.

Engaged patients cost less to treat. So, Health Systems must invest in patient engagement strategies to be successful in the value-based care environment. Cost efficiency is crucial, so Healthcare Providers need a scalable communication solution that can address a wide-range of patient engagement challenges across the care continuum. The solution must be easy for patients to adopt and use, otherwise it will have little impact on outcomes.

mPulse Mobile enables Healthcare Providers to improve patient engagement across the care continuum. Interactive text message workflows deliver the tailored information patients need to drive necessary actions. The text channel is widely adopted and intuitive, so it becomes easy for patients to navigate the system and get the care that they need. When a patient population is successfully engaged, resources can be directed to treatment and care rather than outreach and follow-up.

Learn how mPulse Mobile’s solutions are deployed across the care continuum to improve patient engagement.


We’ll show you what’s under the hood.

“I can manage my appointments from anywhere.”

Appointment and Scheduling Reminders

Increase efficiency and reduce no-shows by empowering patients to manage their appointments in real-time. Your patients will love the flexibility.

“I feel like we’re collaborating on my health goals.”

Visit Summaries

Increase transparency between physicians and patients by sharing follow-up information after each visit, thereby improving outcomes and reducing re-admits.

“Knowing when I’ll be seen helps me stay calm in emergencies.”

Emergency Waiting Room Times

Optimize your ER facility and reduce stress for patients by clearly setting expectations on when they will be seen. Additional features like driving directions and alternative locations make it even more convenient for patients in stressful emergency situations.

“It’s like always having a doctor on hand.”

Virtual Visit Support

Leverage secured messaging so that you can continue to engage patients and provide critical post-visit support virtually.

“I appreciate that they want my feedback.”

Post-Visit Satisfaction Surveys

Gather immediate data on how to improve patient satisfaction and net promoter scores by providing patients a quick and easy way to provide feedback. It’s a perfect solution for surveys or mobilizing your Health Risk Assessment.

“I’m actually on time for a change!”

Location Services

Help patients get their appointments on time by providing relevant turn-by-turn directions to your location. You can even provide in-network vs. out-of-network options to manage costs for patients.

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