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mPulse Mobile enables Wellness & Population Health Companies to increase enrollment and program engagement through targeted programmatic content. Contact us to discuss the most effective solutions for your organization.

Wellness Messaging

Keep in touch and strengthen relationships

Program Engagement

Improve awareness, activation and engagement

1:1 Coaching Interactions

Connect on a personal level

Live Chat with Coach

Support members through secure chat

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Leverage mobile to drive engagement

Mobile Solutions Improve Program Enrollment and Engagement

How do you deliver targeted content to optimize the consumer experience?

Without regular and meaningful touchpoints, Wellness and Population Health programs can struggle to keep participants engaged.

For Wellness programs to improve health outcomes, they need consumers to fully participate in the program. Wellness Companies need to reach and engage consumers in order to drive enrollment and effectively maintain ongoing participation. This requires organizations to adopt an array of mobile messaging approaches that deliver targeted and meaningful content through the most appropriate channels.

mPulse Mobile enables Wellness and Population Health Companies to improve program enrollment and engagement. Insight-driven targeted outreach using interactive text messaging is a powerful solution for engaging potential participants and significantly increase enrollment. mPulse Mobile’s multi-channel platform delivers integrated messaging so consumers benefit from text-based reminders and notifications, real-time mobile 1:1 coaching and rich media content through secure channels. Participant engagement should never again be a barrier to program success.

Learn how mPulse Mobile’s solutions increase program enrollment and engagement.


We’ll show you what’s under the hood.

healthcare messaging at home

“I need to try that.”

Wellness Messaging

Engage your members with contextually relevant messages related to their diet and fitness goals. It’s a cost-efficient and practical way to let them know you care about them.

population health pregnancy graphic

“I feel supported, and not just when I’m here.”

Program Engagement

Extend your wellness program beyond the physical walls of your facility. Cases like pregnancy, diabetes and smoking cessation require on-going attention and support, and mobile technology enables you to provide that support by delivering content when and where your members need it most.

healthcare messaging while exercising

“Thanks for the advice!”

1:1 Coaching Interactions

Connect with members on a personal level and help them to reach their goals. Our communication solutions help you strengthen your relationships with your members by increasing possible touch points and access.

live chat graphic

“Sally’s always there when I need her.”

Live Chat with Coach

Support your members when they need it most. Many of your members are dealing with difficult situations and chronic conditions that extend into their daily lives. Through live chat capabilities, you can provide support even when they’re busy with daily life.

loyalty and rewards graphic

“I love the competition for our team.”

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Motivate your members to reach their goals fun by gamifying the wellness experience. By providing easy ways to track their progress, you can help drive them towards making positive and impactful changes.

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