Employee Health & Wellness

Wellness Messaging

Help your employees stay healthy

Program Engagement

Improve awareness, activation and engagement

Secure Employee Messaging

Inform or communicate securely within your company

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Leverage mobile to drive engagement

Employee Surveys

Collect feedback on programs


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Wellness Messaging

Engage employees with contextually relevant messages about available wellness programs and preventive care tips. Healthier employees result in higher productivity and lower health care costs.

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Program Engagement

Extend employee wellness programs beyond office hours. Programs to support cases like pregnancy, diabetes and smoking cessation require on-going attention and support, and mobile technology enables you to provide that support by delivering content when and where your employees need it most.

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Secure Messaging

Leverage secure messaging to communicate urgent and confidential information. This platform feature can be extended beyond wellness messaging and used to distribute any confidential company information that could be problematic from a public relations or intellectual property standpoint if leaked.

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Loyalty and Rewards Programs
Motivate employees to reach their goals by gamifying the wellness experience. Companies can also utilize this feature to allow employees to track their progress towards non-wellness related goals, such as performance incentive programs.

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Employee Surveys
Employ mobile to conduct employee surveys and Health Risk Assessments. Survey data can help your team better understand employees’ needs and identify opportunities to improve your company’s wellness and productivity programs. The survey platform can also be utilized to conduct non-wellness related employee surveys.

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